Eastern Apostolic Church

  A jurisdiction within the canonical tradition of Eastern Orthodoxy

Eastern Apostolic Church

Apostolic Succession 

from St. Andrew at Constantinople to the Old Calendar Church in Greece



Consecration of Mar Melchizedek at the Church of St. Photini, Athens, Greece [by Metropolitan Timotheos (Athanassiou), Bishop Timotheos (Mavias)] and Bishop Haralampos (Young), Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece

1985 Timotheos Athanassiou (by Joachim Souris)

1980 Timotheos Mavias (by Joachim Souris)

1951 Joachim Souris

1935 Joseph Klimovicz

1934 Arsenios Saltas
1934 Chistopher Contageorge                             
1917 Aftimios Ofiesh

1903 Evdokim B. M. Meschersky

1884 Makarij M. Neveskij



Neveskij was consecrated by Metropolitan Nikon of Moscow, whose line of succession derives from the Patriarchs of Constantinople and through the Metropolitans of Kiev, Vladimir and Moscow. These lines originated with St. Andrew the Apostle.


“Here we cannot boast of great numbers, neither of renown, nor of wealth, nor of learning  –  all that is valued in this world. We are strong here only in one thing  —  in possessing the true Orthodox faith and that not of yourselves; it is a gift of God (Eph. 2:8), and we should ask the Lord for the increase of this gift. Let them stand fast in Thy Holy Church in the Orthodox Faith.” 

(St. Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow, speaking on the American Orthodox situation, 1865-1925)

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