A jurisdiction within the canonical tradition of Eastern Orthodoxy

Eastern Apostolic Church

The Church Calendar

Old Calendar Eastern Orthodox are those who use the historic Julian Calendar (called Old Style Calendar or Church Calendar or Old Calendar).

Old Calendar jurisdictions are commonly opposed to the Gregorian Calendar, introduced to Christianity by the Roman Catholic Pope Gregory XIII during the 16th century. It is regarded as a surrender of Eastern Orthodoxy to the Roman Pope. Some jurisdictions also broke communion with those who had adopted the new calendar, thus creating their own autocephaly (self-governance).

We celebrate our Nativity Feast (Christmas) on January 7th (which is in the Old Calendar the 25th of December). This has the added advantage allowing everyone without hindrance to be with their relatives and friends on the western Christmas holiday.

In order o calculate the Old Calendar date, simply subtract 13 days from the secular Calendar.


Please note that Pascha (Easter) is not affected by any Calendar. Since the Eastern Church holds to an earlier reckoning (before it was changed by the Roman Church), Orthodox Easter is based on the Spring full moon after the Equinox. Hence, in most years Easter is on a different Sunday, but sometimes, such as in 2017, it coincided.

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