A jurisdiction within the canonical tradition of Eastern Orthodoxy

Eastern Apostolic Church


The Eastern Apostolic Church has its roots from a 1992 decree of the Metropolitan and his Bishops of the Holy Synod of Genuine Orthodox Christians from Greece.




1. Archbishop Christopher (Contageorge) was consecrated on the 10th of February 1934 by Archbishop Aftimios (Ofiesh) of the Russian Patriarchal Church, Archbishop Sophronios (Bashira) of the Syrian Orthodox Church, and Metropolitan Theophan (Fan Noli) of Albania.

2. Archbishop Arsenios (Saltas) was consecrated on the 25th of August 1934 by Archbishop Christopher and Bishop Nicholas.

3. Bishop Joseph (Klimovich) was consecrated in 1935 by Archbishop Nicholas, Archbishop Arsenios and Archbishop Fedchenkoff of the Moscow Patriarchate.

4. Archbishop Konstantine (Jaroshevich) was consecrated in 1949 by Archbishop Christopher, Archbishop Arsenios and Metropolitan Theophan.

5. Metropolitan Nicholas (Bohatyretz) of the Autocephalous Ukrainian Church was consecrated on the 14th of October 1950 by Archbishop Joseph, Archbishop Konstantine and Metropolitan Joseph (Zielonka) of the Syrian Patriarchate of Antioch.

6. Bishop Peter (Zuravetsky) was consecrated on the 15th of October 1950 by Archbishop Joseph, Archbishop Konstantine and Metropolitan Nicholas.

7. Archbishop Joachim (Souris) was consecrated on the 2nd of June 1951 by Archbishop Joseph, Bishop Peter and Metropolitan Joseph.

8. On the 10th of April 1982, Archbishop Joachim along with six other Greek Bishops of his Synod, the Holy Synod of True Orthodox Christians (Old Calendar, G.O.X.), consecrated Bishop Andreas (Novak) and elevated him to Metropolitan to lead the Synod in North America.

9. In 1987, Metropolitan Andreas received into his Metropolis Bishop Philip (Caine) appointing him Bishop of Pennsylvania.

10. In March 1988, Metropolitan Damaskinos, as President of the Synod in Greece, notified in writing Metropolitan Andreas of the election to the Episcopate of Archimandrite Haralampos (Young). Bishop Haralampos was consecrated on the 11th of June 1988 by Metropolitan Andreas, Bishop Philip and with the blessing and seal of Metropolitan Damaskinos on behalf of the Holy Synod.


11. On the 4th of January 1985, Bishop Timotheos (Athanassiou) was consecrated by Archbishop Joakim, Metropolitan Damaskinos and two other Bishops of the Holy Synod, and assigned Exarch Metropolitan of Montreal, Canada and the United States. Metropolitan Timotheos also received official recognition for his position from the Ministry of Justice of Quebec, Canada (22 JUL 87); and Patriarchal greetings from Jerusalem (Prot. No. 496, 22 Oct 91).


12. In December 1993, Metropolitan Timotheos announced, both in writing and via telephone, the election to the episcopate of Hegumen Michael Seraphim (Melchizedek). On the 3rd of January 1994, Hegumen Melchizedek was consecrated by the Metropolitans Timotheos (Athanassiou) and Timotheos (Mavias) in Athens, Greece, at the Church of St. Photini, as well as with the blessing and seal of Bishop Haralampos on behalf of the American Synod. Mar (Bishop) Melchizedek subsequently was assigned to the Eparchy of Nebraska.


13. After Mar Melchizedek’s retirement from the Synod in 2007, the Greek Synod in America dissolved.

14. Mar Melchizedek, after a study sabbatical over several years, established a new Synod, the Eastern Apostolic Church, and has been accepted as Exarch of Nebraska (Ukrainian Orthodox) by H.H. Patriarch Nicholas I.



“Here we cannot boast of great numbers, neither of renown, nor of wealth, nor of learning  –  all that is valued in this world. We are strong here only in one thing  —  in possessing the true Orthodox faith and that not of yourselves; it is a gift of God (Eph. 2:8), and we should ask the Lord for the increase of this gift. Let them stand fast in Thy Holy Church in the Orthodox Faith.” 

(St. Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow, speaking on the American Orthodox situation, 1865-1925)

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