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Eastern Apostolic Church

What is an Ichabod prophet or teacher?    (1 Samuel 4:19-21)

An Ichabod [pronounced: EE-khah-voht] is a person who stays in attack mode, who tears down what God is building, because they have no glory from God or revelation from which to build, no comfort or encouragement for the body of Christ.

Beware of false prophets. Much of canonical self-righteousness today has nothing to do with finding God or Him seeking us. According to the Book of Revelation, chapters 17 and 18, it is nothing more than full of self-serving chatter.

Unfortunately, there are some Ichabod people in the Orthodox world as well, who attack anything and anyone who does not suit their religious persuasion.

They usually have little to no grasp of sound Orthodox theology and hence are smitten by the age-old Pharisaical way of legalism and recognition-seeking. Their ignorance undermines true Orthodoxy, which focuses on the living faith of the holy Gospel and its obedience to God’s word, promulgated in and by the church.

They are wolves in sheepskin trying to focus attention away from Christ towards an elitist, sectarian mentality and thus luring the innocent into a web of misconstrued pseudo-orthodoxy.

We must foremost pray for their conversion to Christ, from whom they have strayed or whom they never had fully embraced.

Keep the demons away ...

... do not to engage in social media discussions with an Ichabod, as this is harmful to outsiders who may have labeled Christianity as quarrelsome and hateful

... stay away from social platforms and forums that engage in or allow hate mongering

... do not visit web sites that promote sectarianism and discrimination of other Orthodox

... leave pages and groups that allow internet trolls to post

... block people who slander or engage in libel

... report perpetrators to internet authorities, watchdogs, the FBI or local police as appropriate. Slander and libel are illegal.

Remember: No real clergy, no mainline church, no sincere community, nor any healthy person would ever engage in libel or slander, in hate mail, racial or religious slurs. This is not only to avoid possible law suits, but foremost, honest and decent people do not engage in the defamation of others.

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