A jurisdiction within the canonical tradition of Eastern Orthodoxy

Eastern Apostolic Church

About the Recognition Business

Mar Melchizedek’s Grammata from the year 2002 clarifies some of the confusion surrounding the term “canonical”. 

His Grammata received world-wide attention and has been cited in many quarters since then, both inside and outside of Orthodoxy.

There is no Orthodox patriarchate, jurisdiction (whether autocephalous or not) and ecclesial entity that is universally recognized. For example, Russian Old Believers, Greek Old Calendarists and other traditionalist entities do not recognize any of the extant patriarchs. In turn, nor do those patriarchates recognize anything outside their control or what they perceive as canonical.

Due to the nature of this unholy, judgmental and overall unchristian endeavor, we do not enter such discussion. One simply cannot legitimize or dictate religious practice, faith and piety. Hence, mutual recognition, when it comes to the Orthodox Christian faith, is neither a scriptural (biblical) criterion nor a guarantor of legitimacy.

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